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The Future

The use of the electrostatic spray system for seeding clouds has shown positive results. It is an effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly method of enhancing rainfall from warm continental or maritime convective clouds. Although more research and data need to be collected, this system is ready for operational use for seeding convective clouds. Its potential for pollution mitigation needs to be further investigated. Trials of this use are currently being put together and will be conducted in the coming weeks. We are also interested in ideas surrounding drone utilization with our technology.

Insight Engineering is exploring entrance of this technology into

the following sectors:

  • Air Pollution Reduction

  • Agricultural Resources

  • Drought Restoration

While our company is currently utilizing this cloud seeding

technology in Malaysia, we are especially interested in the

Latin American market, specifically in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Panama.

Cloud Seeding.png
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